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20 years experience of manufacturing sensor urinal flusher. We offer quality sensor urinal flush valve to the world! If you have special requirement, just feel free to contact us at: info@jieslen.com

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Normal Lead Time: 2 Weeks after payment.
Note: For accurate lead time, please contact us.
Power Type
  • urinal flusher 1
  • Wall concealed automatic urinal flusher(Panel design different, function and accessories same).
  • Widely applied to all kinds of urinals, suitable for both new built urinals or modification projects.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • 304 Stainless steel panel, elegant and durable.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • Adjustable infrared sensor range, easily adjusted through remote control.
  • One remote controls all types of flusher. Convenient for management.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • Panel cover is equipped with magnetic device, easy to open and close through a sucking disc. No screws.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • Sucking disc is included for maintaining.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • With 20 years running experience, upgraded water proof circuit ensures stable performance.
  • Waterproof plug, guaranty stable connection.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • 1mm thick 304 stainless steel base box. Effectively protect key parts of flusher.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • Flushing valve constructed of quality brass.
  • Solenoid valve is equipped with serviceable strainer filter.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • Accessories list of an automatic urinal flusher(Panel design different, function and accessories same).
  • All hardware needed for mounting is included.
  • urinal flusher 1
  • Photo of automatic urinal flushers applied in a shopping mall project.
  • production-ability
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  • Weight 2.74 KG
  • Length 32.00 CM
  • Width 23.00
  • Height 13.00
  • Packaging 3.00 KG
  • Units in box: 1 piece