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As the famous movie “I belong to you” in 2016, more people travel to Daocheng than before, where they would like to find the feeling of the love story happened in the movie.

Daocheng locates in Sichuan Province, Southwest China, at the Southeast side of Tibetan Plateau, with a lowest elevation of 2000m, highest elevation of 6032m. There are totally 1145 lakes.

If you have never been to Daocheng, you could be attracted by the amazing scenes here.

Snow mountain, grassy marshland, colorful forest, and blue lakes, the beauty of snow - covered plateau.

Lake surrounded by Snow Mountains, clean and holy.

Seda Buddhism College

The biggest Buddhism College in the world.


Maoya grasslands.


Luorong cattle farm.

On the way to milk lake from Luorong cattle farm

Milk lake